Dimitris Mitsiopoulos is a composer, singer songwriter currently based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Studied typographic design, finds interest in exploring both worlds of image and sound, engaging in different kinds of music such as Ambient, Electronica, Modern Classical and Americana. Written music for Cultural Institutions, Art Installations, TV Commercials, Theater and Short Film Productions. He has appeared live at Sync festival, Reworks Festival, Video Dance festival, Mylos Skg, Bios Athens.


Under NAT
Vinyl 12", Self Published
Ambient (2012)

With Keene
“The river and the fence”
CD release, Poeta Negra Music
Electronica (2006)


Anthropos Sti Thalassa Ensemble
"The Golden Branches"
Theatrical play


"El Greko World"
Tv Campaign
Songwriting & Performing:
“There’s blue, there’s time”

Avra Herbal
Tv Campaign

Kraft Paints
Tv Campaign


General Directorate of
Antiquities & Cultural Heritage
“Smugglers of Antiquities”
(Educational video)

Ephorate of Antiquities of Kilkis
“Archaeology in Times of War”
(Travelling exhibition video)

Archaeological Museum of
Ancient Corinth
“Handmade Shadows”
(Permanent exhibition video)

Ephorate of Antiquities of Imathia
“Aigai, The Royal Capital of Macedon”
(Promo Video)



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Jan 01, 2024

Round the bend (Single)

The first single “Round the bend” of the upcoming album
“No tiny skies” is out on all music platforms.

Out by oz entertainment
Production: Dimitris Mitsiopoulos
Recorded and Edited by: Sotiris Noukas at Underground studio
Mixed and Mastered by: Tasos Karadedos at Stereotype studio

Illustration by: Dimitris Mitsiopoulos
Video by: Kostas Douzis

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Nov 25, 2023

Alkyone with Dimitris Mitsiopoulos - There is blue (Extended Version)

So happy that the song “There is blue” paved the way for five great musicians to get together for the first time and create live, a whole new interpretation of the song performing it most honestly in their own musical perspective!

Music and lyrics: Dimitris Mitsiopoulos
Piano and vocals: Alkyone
E-Guitar: Sakis Azas
Double-Bass: Mihalis Kalkanis
Clarinet: Kostas Fortsas
Filmed and edited by Panos Iliopoulos
Remix: Sotiris Noukas

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Aug 04, 2023

The cape (Full Album)

Inspired by natural phenomena occurring in Cape Town, South Africa, The Cape is an exploration of soundscapes with an electronic aftertaste, aiming to translate the splendor of Nature’s language into symphonies that interact with each natural phenomenon, weaving themselves into events as old as time itself. Using field recordings and a single analog signal as its starting point, combined with string instruments and electronic frequencies, The Cape strips its melodic lines down to their simplest form, yet tries to maintain Nature’s pluralistic intensity. When nature roars, there’s nothing to do but listen.

Credits: All Music written and performed by Dimitris Mitsiopoulos. Cello on track 2 performed by Evi Kazantzi. Mixed and Edited by Sotiris Noukas at Underground Studio. Mastered by Tasos Karadedos at Stereotype Studio. Field recordings and outdoor sounds recorded at Cape Town South Africa.

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Oct 13, 2022

Blue Moon - A lullaby (Cover)

My version of Blue Moon. Recorded a long time ago as a lullaby for a friend's child on sleepless nights!
For my dearest friend Vangelis B.

Video: Vassilis Mitsiopoulos
Sound: Sotiris Noukas - Underground sound studio
Written by: Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

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Jul 18, 2022

There is blue

My first single as a singer-songwritter is out now on all music platforms. A song release as featured in the El Greko Tvc 2022. So perhaps, as long as there is blue around us there is also time for finding ourselves and for coming together.

Music and Lyrics: Dimitris Mitsiopoulos
Vocals and guitars: Dimitris Mitsiopoulos
Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Sotiris Noukas
Released by Fishbow Music Tank 2022 

Big thanks to: El Greko, Fishbowl Music tank, Underground Sound Studio

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Dec 15, 2021


Music & Poetry - Dimitris Mitsiopoulos
Video - Vassilis Mitsiopoulos
Mixing & Mastering - Massroom Studio

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Nov 10, 2021

The golden Branches

Original Music for the theatrical play “The Golden Branches”
Concept & Direction: Claire Christopoulou
Production: Anthropos Sti Thalassa Ensemble
Music: Dimitris Mitsiopoulos
Mixing & Mastering: Massroom studio

Nov 09, 2021

Smugglers of Antiquities

Original Music for educational video “Smugglers of Antiquities”
for General Directorate of Antiquities & Cultural Heritage
Video: Altervision, Music: Dimitris Mitsiopoulos
Mixing & Mastering: Massroom studio

Nov 08, 2021

El Greko World

Songwriting for El Greko World TVC
Original Song Title: “There’s blue, there’s time”
Vocals & Guitar: Dimitris Mitsiopoulos
Agency: Altervision, Director: Ilias Papaioannou
Music Production: Noukas Sotiris

You can watch it Here